History of the Magic Microphone


It was in the year 2002 when Mark Mosher (freshly retired from the USAF) discovered the magic karaoke microphone at a Filipino karaoke party. (Note: Many people love singing but Filipinos love it more than any group of people Ive ever known). Anyway, having a little experience with web design Mark was the first company to launch this amazing new Karaoke product on the internet. It was called the Magic Sing Magic Microphone and a user of the device could add song chips to the device, plug it into a TV using RCA jacks, select various songs, and adjust other settings such as tempo and echo, to sing karaoke. The product took off and soon karaoke lovers everywhere knew about this amazing new product.

Fast forward 18 years to 2020 and the Magic Sing Karaoke Microphone is more amazing and powerful than ever! It has evolved into a WI-FI based device where a user has access to over 10,000 English songs and with the use of the free downloadable MyStage smart phone app can also access thousands of songs in many other languages such as Tagalog, Spanish, Vietnamese, Japanese, Mandarin, Hindi, Bengali, German, Thai, Russian, Turkish, and Mongolian.

You can still adjust the music volume, melody, echo, tempo, and key. Control and adjust musical instruments and enjoy the MyStage real-time musical notes feature. The music notes will display on the app for you to follow, play, and practice all of your favorite songs.

Here is a list of additional enhancements:
✪ Tailor your music by adjusting the music & mic volume, melody, tempo, key, and voice
✪ Control, customize, and adjust instrumentals of each song (Piano, Guitar, Bass, Drum, String, and Brass)
✪ Adjust the melody volume in the mixer and use it as a vocal guide to learn how to sing!
✪ Easily find and reserve songs by typing or searching with voice recognition
✪ MyStage karoke app will score your singing and let you compete with singers in the world. Enjoy the singing games with your friends and family.
✪ Romanization for Korean and Mandarin song lyrics makes it easy for you to follow and sing along
✪ Music sheets are readily available for you to use and learn to sing your favorite songs
✪ Create your own playlists and save all your favorite karaoke songs with lyrics
✪ Perfect for solo karaoke and for kids to sing along
✪ Enjoy the best karaoke singing machine with Magic Sing

SONG CHIPS USEAGE – If you want all of these new enhancements but hate the idea of not being able to use your song chips there is a solution for you as well. The new dual wireless ET23PRO unit comes with all the new WI-FI and smart phone APP capability and still provides you the 4 song chip slots so that you can insert the song chips you already have.

We offer all of the new Magic Sing E-systems at a $10 discount from our already low prices using Coupon Code: ESING10

Enjoy learning more about this amazing new karaoke singing device by browsing our website and if you have any questions please call or email us at: sales@e-magicsing.com